Stomach Surgery Costs

Stomach Surgery Costs

Stomach surgery is common in the UK and hundreds of thousands of operations take place each year, at both public and private hospitals up and down the country. People can undergo surgery based on a health need or for cosmetic purposes in cases of liposuctions and tummy tucks. Surgery is not something to be taken lightly and there is a lot to consider in terms of benefits, risks and stomach surgery costs.

Choosing where to have surgery

Choosing to have surgery to help tackle excessive weight issues will almost always incur large stomach surgery costs; however, there is treatment out there that is free of charge on the NHS.

NHS treatment is free of charge for anyone in the UK but surgery will only take place for those in the most need and cannot be done as and when the patient chooses as happens in the private sector. If the patient is eligible for free treatment then the NHS is a good option; however there is a very high likelihood that the patient will be placed on a waiting list that could mean being given a date, months or even years down the line for surgery.

The long NHS waiting lists are the reason many people turn to the private sector for treatment. Private hospitals can often provide treatment just days after a consultation has taken place, any person that does opt for private treatment can also expect the same levels of care as given on the NHS.

Costs of surgery

Stomach surgery costs will be made up of different factors, the first will be the kind of treatment you choose to have. People who choose to have a gastric band fitted will find that treatment is not as expensive as those who choose to have a gastric bypass.

Gastric bands and gastric bypass surgeries are becoming more and more popular in the UK and are two of the most commonly carried out operations in private clinics. A gastric band will cost less as it is a shorter procedure to carry out and the patient will spend less time in hospital, some gastric band cases can be carried out as a day case and patients are under less risk during surgery. The cost of gastric band surgery in the will come down to your choice of hospital, choosing the right hospital for you is also a factor in overall stomach surgery costs. To have a gastric band fitted in the UK the cost is likely to be in the region of £5000-£9500.

A gastric bypass is seen as the riskier operation and unlike the gastric is not reversible, however the results are better and weight loss can be achieved quicker. The gastric bypass is also the better operation for aftercare as there are no regular trips to the hospital for band adjustments. Most hospitals that offer Bariatric surgery will be able to provide both kinds of gastric procedures. The cost of a gastric bypass in the UK is likely to amount to £8000-£15000.