Stomach Surgery Abroad

Stomach Surgery Abroad

Obesity is a big problem in the UK and there are hundreds of thousands of people that are considerably overweight. Many of these people are able to lose weight through regular exercise and a strict diet plan; others may not find it as easy to lose the weight no matter what method they try. Those that are classed as morbidly obese and struggle to lose any weight at all through non-surgical methods may be considered for an operation to restrict the size of the stomach; this will lead to eating smaller meals and ultimately losing weight.

The UK has the option of NHS or private treatment. NHS treatment is free of charge to anyone in the UK but due to the amount of people needing weight loss surgery it is likely that waiting lists will be extremely long. It some cases a person can find themselves waiting months or years to receive treatment on the NHS.

The option of private hospitals and clinics mean that patients are able to receive treatment much faster than on the NHS and can often undergo an operation just days after a consultation. The biggest drawback with private treatment in the UK is the cost, a straightforward gastric band procedure can cost up to £9,500 while a gastric bypass could mean costs of up to £15,000, this is often a lot more than people can afford.

The drawbacks in UK surgery have led to many people looking further afield and opting for stomach surgery abroad.

Benefits of stomach surgery abroad

Stomach surgery abroad has one major benefit over surgery in the UK and that is cost. People choosing to travel into Europe, the Far East or even South America can save thousands of pounds on treatment and also have no waiting lists to contend with.

Many European clinics are able to provide first class surgery in their home country and provide aftercare in the UK with surgeons travelling to Britain for appointments with patients. In some cases patients are able to undergo a consultancy in the UK and then travel abroad for the treatment.

Many people have a fear in UK hospitals of contracting the MRSA virus; this is another reason why thousands of Brits look abroad for treatment.

Although there is flights and possible accommodation to think of when travelling abroad, the money saved on the actual cost of surgery can be used to cover these expenses and still have some left.

Finding stomach surgery abroad

For people that live in the UK finding stomach surgery abroad is easily done through the internet. The internet has a number of websites that are dedicated to finding the best private hospitals and clinics across the globe, some sites are also able to search for the best priced surgery.

These websites will have clinics listed and details are given on each one including the kinds of treatments offered, it is also possible to gain a quote on how much a specific treatment will cost.