Stomach Surgery Facts

Stomach Surgery Facts

Stomach surgery is a big step for anyone to take and like any other type of surgery it does come with certain risks. The process of stomach surgery to aid in weight loss can be a risky proposition in both adults and children and it is important that one understands the facts about surgery both good and bad.

Finding out the facts

The best place to find out stomach surgery facts is to visit your GP. The most common form of stomach surgery is to tackle obesity. This form of surgery has many conflicting elements and misconceptions surrounding it, your GP should be the first person you talk to. If you are looking or thinking of undergoing surgery, they will be able to tell you the options available and decide if an alternative treatment is available.

The surgeon carrying out the operation will be able to give you all of the stomach surgery facts including how the procedure is carried out and the way in which surgery will affect how you live life after the surgery.

Be eligible for surgery

It is important to know the stomach surgery facts that surround the eligibility for weight loss surgery. Common opinion is that anyone that is considered obese is able to undergo a gastric band procedure, this is not true and not everyone is considered for surgery. Even for the people that are able to have surgery, most will be given alternative methods to try before surgery is considered.

Only people that have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 50 are able to undergo surgery as the first choice of treatment, anyone under this will be given a diet plan combined with exercise that can be used to lose weight. If the diet plan does not work then a gastric balloon may be given to the patient in a non-surgical procedure to help to partially fill the stomach. If both of these methods have failed to have the desired effect then surgery can be considered.

A patient with a BMI of over 40 will be given surgery after the other dieting and gastric balloon have failed, a patient with a BMI of over 35 that has another existing health problem can also be given the same treatment. The stomach surgery facts and guidelines regarding Bariatric surgery were set out by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Useful facts on gastric band stomach surgery

Knowing some stomach surgery facts about how a gastric band can affect life after the operation can be useful, there are conflicting stories on what you can and can’t do with a gastric band.

  • Once fitted a gastric band can be kept in place for life
  • Gastric bands will help you feel fuller for longer
  • A gastric band can be adjusted several times depending to achieve the best restriction
  • The correct restriction will leave you able to enjoy a normal diet
  • Going out for meals and consuming alcohol will not affect the gastric band
  • A woman is still able to fall pregnant with a gastric band