Virtual Stomach Surgery

Virtual Stomach Surgery

The number of people who are becoming obese in the UK is growing, as is the number of people that are becoming morbidly obese. Visiting a GP about an obesity problem can help you understand what is needed to lose weight; a diet and exercise plan may be recommended to tackle the weight problem. For some people, a strict diet and regular exercise is all that is needed. Others, however, still struggle to lose any weight; in these cases surgery may be suggested.

The mention of the word surgery strikes fear into many people and some are unwilling to undergo an operation even if the benefits outweigh the positives. The fact that bariatric surgery is needed to reduce the size of the stomach carries numerous risks despite the benefits and in some cases cannot be reversed; this scares a lot of people and leads them to do nothing about their serious weight problem.

One technique that has been introduced is virtual stomach surgery. This works with the aim of making the mind think that a gastric band is fitted without any physical surgery taking place. It is done through the use of hypnotherapy.

What is virtual stomach surgery?

Virtual stomach surgery is aimed at making the mind believe that real surgery has taken place to fit a gastric band or perform a gastric bypass despite it never happening.

The aim of gastric band and gastric bypass surgery is to restrict or reduce the size of the stomach so that a person will feel full more quickly and therefore eat less, it stops the cravings and eliminates over eating.

Virtual stomach surgery uses hypnotherapy to make a person believe that the stomach is smaller than it is and the brain will signal to the stomach that it is full after only small meals.

Benefits of virtual stomach surgery

There are numerous benefits to virtual surgery; the main benefit is that there is no need for physical and invasive surgery. Gastric surgery comes with many risks and many patients suffer from side effects and complications such as:

  • Constipation
  • Gastric band slipping
  • Food reflux
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty digesting

All of these symptoms are common complaints from people that have undergone bariatric surgery; some complications have known to have taken lives.

Another benefit that applies to virtual surgery is the money that can be saved. Although physical treatment is available through the NHS, many people go private as the process is quicker, this can cost up to £15000 for an operation. These costs are something that is not as expensive with virtual surgery and the same results can be had.

Drawbacks of virtual stomach surgery

There are certain drawbacks of virtual surgery; the major drawback is that it is not guaranteed to work. Some people may not respond to hypnotherapy in the way that others do, this can mean paying expensive costs with no gain. Another drawback is that it may take several sessions which can amount to a large cost.