Gastric Bypass Stomach Surgery

Gastric Bypass Stomach Surgery

Gastric bypass stomach surgery is a form of bariatric surgery and is used to treat people who suffer from morbid obesity. The main aim of the gastric bypass is to make the stomach smaller and the digestive system shorter; this helps the patient eat less and feel full more quickly.

The part of the digestive system that is made smaller is the smaller intestine; this is the part of the stomach that food passes through. The food you eat after surgery will bypass the stomach and some of the intestine, meaning not all food is digested and thus weight can be lost easily and quickly.

To be able to undergo surgery the patient must have tried all other non-surgical treatments and diet plans without success. The patient must also have a BMI of over 40 or 35 if it is related to another condition such as diabetes.

Consultancy with a surgeon

Before any operation takes place the patient will need to undergo a consultancy with a surgeon. During the meeting the surgeon will discuss the best possible surgical options and will also be able to answer all of your questions and queries.

If the gastric bypass stomach surgery is the recommended choice the surgeon will be able to go through the details and what is required by you before, during and after the operation has taken place. Medical history checks will take place to ensure that surgery is going to be a safe option to take; surgeon may also take body measurements that can be used to compare with measurements taken in the weeks and months after surgery.

Surgical procedure

Each gastric bypass stomach surgery operation is done using general anaesthesia; this is given prior to surgery commencing and means that you will be sleeping throughout the operation.

The technique used for gastric bypass stomach surgery is known as laparoscopic surgery or keyhole surgery. The surgeon will make a number of small cuts in the abdomen as opposed to one large cut; a telescope and camera are used along with small instruments to perform the surgery. There are times when a single larger incision is used, this will be on people who are extremely overweight or that have had some form of abdominal surgery before.

A pouch is made by the surgeon using small staples; this will separate the top of the stomach from the bottom. The new pouch that has been created will then be attached to a section of the small intestine. The cuts to the stomach are then stitched and covered with dressing.

After surgery has been completed

You will generally spend a period of time hospital after gastric bypass stomach surgery and are likely to be in some discomfort and will need pain relief which will be administered by a nurse. Stockings are needed to be worn on the legs and a pump will be used that promotes healthy blood flow and prevents DVT. A drip is also used to give the body fluids until you are well enough to drink. You are generally able to leave hospital 2-5 days after surgery.