What Will Happen after Stomach Surgery

What Will Happen after Stomach Surgery

A common form of stomach surgery is known as bariatric surgery and is designed to treat obesity and help people to lose weight rapidly. The surgery can only be carried out on patients that are classed as morbidly obese and with a BMI of over 40 (35 depending on circumstances); the patient must also have tried to lose weight naturally without success.

Bariatric stomach surgery will mean that a patient has to make big lifestyle and diet changes and there will also be a substantial period of recovery. More and more people are looking into the aspects of stomach surgery and a common question is “what will happen after stomach surgery?” The answer can be broken down into different parts starting from what happens immediately after surgery.

Immediately after surgery

After the operation has been completed the recovery will start with a period of time in hospital. You will be allowed to rest whilst the effects of general anaesthesia wear off, the anaesthesia can remain in the system for up to 48 hours and a may cause feelings of dizziness and nausea, and pain relief can be administered to deal with any discomfort caused by the anaesthesia.

One part of “what will happen after stomach surgery?” is the fact that you will need to wear special stockings on the lower legs. The stockings are attached to a compression pump which will help to circulate the blood; this is done to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

A nurse will be on hand in the early stages to help you change positions in bed, this is done to prevent bed sores from occurring, over the coming days you will be asked to get out of bed and move around as much as possible, this will help speed up recovery and prevent chest infection.

You will generally be allowed to leave hospital after around 4-5 days and during the hospital stay you will be given a liquid only diet which is applied via a drip, this will be done until you are well enough to drink small amounts of liquid.

Recovery at home

The next part of “what will happen after stomach surgery?” is the period of recovery at home. In the first few days at home it is wise to have a friend of family member available to help you around the home. You will need to rest in a comfortable room for the first few days at home as you will still feel week because of the chance in diet.

A big factor in answering “what will happen after stomach surgery?” is the change in diet and lifestyle. The stomach will be a fraction of its original size and a special diet must be put in place to maintain lean mass and overall health. For the first two to three weeks an all liquid diet will remain in place, after this time you will be able to progress to soft foods. Normal consistency foods will be introduced into the diet after around six to nine months.