Medication Used For Stomach Surgery

Medication Used For Stomach Surgery

There are numerous conditions that require the need for stomach surgery; this can be anything from the treatment of obesity to the removal of a malignant tumour. Surgery is a very risky procedure and because of this it is used only in situations after all other methods of treatment have been tried.

There are different methods of operating procedure that are used with stomach surgery, including open surgery and keyhole surgery.

Open surgery involves making one large incision in the stomach; the incision is large enough to open the stomach so that the surgeon can operate easily. The most widely preferred and used method of stomach surgery is keyhole surgery also known as laparoscopic surgery. The laparoscopic surgery method is preferred because it poses less risks and the speed of recovery is greater. This kind of operation involves the surgeon making four to six small incisions and using a telescope and camera to relay footage of the inside of the stomach to a video screen. Because of the small incisions healing time is greatly improved. There is medication used for stomach surgery in all cases and this will mean that patient is in no pain during the procedure

Using anaesthesia for surgery

The medication used for stomach surgery is usually general anaesthesia; this is massively important so that no pain can be felt during the operation. The general anaesthesia will be administered before the operation and will be given time to work before any surgery begins. The use of general anaesthesia will mean that the patient is asleep during the operation and will remain so until the process is complete.

Medication used for stomach surgery can be different in some hernia operations, anaesthesia will still be used but it may be local anaesthesia. The use of local anaesthesia will work to numb the area that is being operated on while allowing the patient to remain awake throughout the procedure. In some cases the local anaesthesia can be combined with a sedative; the sedative will work to calm a patient and keep them still during the operation.

Pain relief

Pain relief is another medication used for stomach surgery and is usually required after an operation. The effects of general anaesthesia are still felt by the patient for up to 48 hours, during this time it is likely that they will suffer from feelings of nausea and dizziness, general anaesthesia will also affect a person’s decision making capabilities. It is more than likely that you will remain in hospital until the effects of the anaesthesia have worn off, a nurse will offer pain relief to help with the side effects.

You may also feel pain from the wound and stitching, discomfort, swelling and redness are all common in the days after surgery and the use of pain relief can once again be beneficial.

Once you are able to return home, doctors will recommend that you use over the counter pain relief such as paracetamol and ibuprofen to easy any discomfort.