Long Term Effects of Stomach Surgery

Long Term Effects of Stomach Surgery

There are different kinds of abdominal surgery operations that are carried out on a daily basis to treat an array of conditions. There are likely to be long term effects of stomach surgery and most of these will be beneficial to the patient that has undergone an operation. Undergoing surgery on a stomach condition is likely to have a massive impact on how a person lives their life afterwards and the long term effects will differ depending on the kind of surgery carried out.

Long term effects of bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is the form of surgery that is carried out on people that are morbidly obese; the aim of surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach so that less food is consumed before a person feels full, reducing stomach size will enable a person to lose weight quickly. There are many long term effects of stomach surgery that are associated with bariatric methods. The effects will depend of the method of surgery.

Balloon surgery

The method of gastric balloon surgery is designed to partially full the stomach so that a person will feel full more quickly. A balloon is inserted into the stomach via the throat an inflated using a substance called saline, this technique is not designed as a long term weight loss solution but will aim to help a patient lose weight over a shorter term. On removal of the balloon it is down to the person to keep up with diet plans and exercise routines so that weight loss can continue.

Gastric banding

Gastric banding can be used over a long term period and long term effects of stomach surgery will be felt. The gastric band is fully reversible and adjustable so that a person can find the right stomach restriction. Like other methods of bariatric surgery, the long term effects of this operation have a lot to do with lifestyle and dieting.

Gastric bypass

The gastric bypass procedure is the form of bariatric surgery that will have the most long term effects. A gastric bypass is an operation designed to permanently alter the size of the stomach and create a new pouch of stomach, attached to a section of the small intestine, which bypasses the rest of the stomach. The long term effects of stomach surgery when done this way will lead to substantial weight loss and hopefully a healthier life. To achieve this, major steps must be taken in dieting and exercising. Long term health can be affected by the body not getting the protein, minerals and vitamins that it needs; this will mean that supplements are needed to be taken on a daily basis to replace these necessities.

There are also problems such as nausea and dumping that may occur. Dumping syndrome is when certain food passes too quickly through the digestive system and into the bowel, this can bring about diarrhoea, sweating, vomiting and cramping. Food will need to be eaten in a certain way and chewed properly to prevent this, and will need to be done over a long term period.