How Long Will Stomach Surgery Last For

How Long Will Stomach Surgery Last For

Stomach surgery is a last resort procedure that is used when all other natural methods of treatment have been tried and have failed. Surgery can be used in the treatment of a number of problems including obesity, hernias, ulcers and cancer; each operation is done in a different way but all with the aim of helping the specific condition.

Many people ask the question “how long will stomach surgery last for?” The answer to this question cannot give specifically as each form of surgery is carried out differently, with some methods being easier to complete than others.

Balloon stomach surgery

Those people asking the question “how long will stomach surgery last for?” and hoping for a short period of time will be happy with balloon surgery. Balloon surgery is good alternative to invasive surgery and worth considering for the morbidly obese. The way in which it works is to place a balloon down the patient’s throat and into the stomach; the balloon is then inflated to fill part of the stomach. The benefit of balloon is that it will mean that people eat less and become full more quickly; this will lead them to lose weight. The balloon involves no incisions and therefore requires no recovery; it can also be done under little or no anaesthesia. To complete the balloon surgery takes approximately 10 minutes and patients can often leave the hospital within an hour or two.

Gastric band surgery

Gastric band surgery is carried out to restrict the size of the stomach so that less food can be consumed and weight can be lost quicker; this is done by placing a band around the top of the stomach. The gastric band procedure is, in the main, carried out using laparoscopic surgery, this method involves making several small incisions. General anaesthesia will be used to perform the operation and the procedure will take around an hour to complete, this will be followed by a day or two in hospital.

Gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is the most complicated of the three noted bariatric procedures, this involves making a new pouch at the top of the stomach and attaching this to a section of the small intestine to bypass the rest of the stomach. Answering “how long stomach surgery will last for?” when carried out this way can differ but will generally take around one to three hours. After surgery the patient is likely to remain in hospital for two to five days before being allowed to go home

Hernia surgery

Surgery to repair a hernia which is caused by an internal organ pushing through weakened muscle tissue is a fairly routine procedure; the answer to “how long will stomach surgery last for?” will depend on the method used and whether it is open or keyhole surgery. The operation is likely to take around 30-50 minutes and is usually done as a day case meaning patients are able to leave hospital as soon as they can walk and pass urine.