Exercising after Stomach Surgery

Exercising after Stomach Surgery

Stomach surgery is considered a major operation and will need significant recovery time before normal activities can be resumed. Exercising after stomach surgery will need to be done gradually and trying to pick up the routine that you had before surgery will be almost impossible for the first few months; attempting to carry on the routine you had pre-op can lead to complications and further illness.

For people that have undergone stomach surgery as a way to treat morbid obesity, an exercise plan after surgery is essential in helping with weight loss, general health and can be helpful in speeding up recovery.

Exercising whilst in hospital

Immediately after surgery you are likely to be in not a fit state to exercise; for the first couple of days you will need to rest as part of the recovery. After a couple of days a nurse is likely to encourage exercising after stomach surgery but this will involve no strenuous activities and will be slow walks in the room or corridor. Walking is a good way to prevent chest infections for occurring it is also good for general health, as you begin to feel better longer walks can be taken. Hospitals will not allow you to go outside but walking up and down the corridor will be helpful.

Visiting a GP before exercise

Once you have left the hospital and feel well enough to partake in exercising after stomach surgery, it is recommended that you visit your GP. Some forms of stomach surgery are a lot more extensive than other and a GP will be able to examine you and give information on the level of exercise that can be done. You should always look to get clearance from your GP before engaging in any exercise activity.

Doing exercise after stomach surgery

The most important thing to remember when exercising after stomach surgery is if you feel any pain or discomfort whatsoever then you stop immediately. You should also take on board plenty of water and rest with feet elevated.

The best form of exercise to start with following stomach surgery is walking, the saying “don’t run before you can walk” definitely applies to stomach surgery. You should not attempt to use any kind of treadmills or other gym equipment during the early stages of exercise, you should also steer clear of walking up or down hill. The best place to start is on a flat surface and at a slow pace; shopping centres are a good place to do this as it will allow you to exercise while not thinking too much about it.

Carrying out abdominal exercise should be at the discretion of your surgeon an only done when giving the go ahead, it may take a couple of months before the wounds are healed and abdominal exercise can commence. The abdominal muscles are required to be strong to perform everyday tasks and basic isometric holds are a good and easy way to begin regaining strength round the abdomen.