Dangers of Stomach Surgery Abroad

Dangers of Stomach Surgery Abroad

In the UK, stomach surgery can be carried either on the NHS or through a private clinic. While these two options do have benefits, there are also certain drawbacks. The main drawback with NHS treatment is the fact that surgery is in high demand; this could mean waiting months or even a year or more for surgery to take place, once surgery has been decided you will be placed on a waiting list until an available date is arranged. Waiting lists is something that gives the private sector an advantage over the NHS; however their main drawback is the cost of surgery. Stomach surgery costs when done privately can easily amount into tens of thousands. These drawbacks have led to many people looking further afield for surgical options and choosing to travel abroad for surgery; this has many benefits but some people do worry about the dangers of stomach surgery abroad.

Benefits of stomach surgery abroad

In most cases the benefits are enough to outweigh the dangers of stomach surgery abroad, the main benefit being cost. Surgery abroad can often be done for half the price of cost in the UK; this means that even when the cost of flights, possible accommodation and hospital care are added together, there is still a saving to be made on UK costs.

People from the UK have countless options when choosing surgery abroad and it is as easily accessible as in the UK. People are able to travel to European countries such as Belgium and the Czech Republic or far eastern countries such as Thailand and Malaysia; some people even journey as far as South America. Each destination can provide the same level of service as UK hospitals only at a fraction of the cost.

Drawbacks of stomach surgery abroad

Many dangers of stomach surgery abroad are the same dangers that are present in the UK, complications can occur with any kind of surgery no matter where in the world the operation is taking place. Complications can include:

  • Adverse reaction to anaesthesia
  • Infection
  • Blood clots

Should complications occur you will feel safer when surrounded by English speaking staff. One of the dangers of stomach surgery abroad is a complication occurring when back in the UK; this can leave you unable to travel back to the same hospital for treatment and may need to pay for private UK surgery to treat the condition.

Some European hospitals do provide surgeons that travel to the UK on regular occasions to provide aftercare appointments and consultations, this can be helpful both in building up trust in the surgeon and should anything go wrong in the weeks after surgery.

Another one of the main dangers of stomach surgery abroad is that often hospitals must be taken on face value. Booking are generally made over the internet and you will only be able to view pictures of the hospital, you may then arrive for surgery and find that conditions are sub-standard. You should only book surgery abroad through a trusted UK website.