Who Should I Use for My Stomach Surgery

Who Should I Use for My Stomach Surgery

If you are classed as morbidly obese and have previously tried every alternative method of weight loss, you may be recommended for surgery from you GP or consultant. There are various types of surgical procedure that can be used to help a person lose vast amounts of weight in a short time; stomach surgery has been proven to help people lose 60% of excess weight, in some cases it can be up to a 100%. When surgery has been decided on you will be met with another question, “who should I use for my stomach surgery?” There are hundreds of different hospitals and clinics offering stomach surgery to treat weight loss in the UK alone.

NHS stomach surgery

The first option for anyone looking for an answer to “who should I use for my stomach surgery?” is the NHS. The National Health Service has hundreds of hospitals across the UK and carry out thousands of stomach surgery procedures each year. Choosing the NHS is a good option for anyone that does not have money available for surgery, this is because treatment is free of charge. The NHS generally takes on obese patients via referral from a GP, and will place each patient on a waiting list until an available date for surgery comes up. Patients are placed on a waiting list because of the high demand for services; this is the major downside of NHS treatment. Being on a waiting list for treatment means that you can often be waiting months or even years for surgery to take place, because of this many people choose to opt for private surgery.

Private stomach surgery

The second option in finding an answer to “who should I use for my stomach surgery?” is to opt for private surgery. The UK has hundreds of private hospitals and clinics specialising in stomach surgery, you will find surgical weight loss treatments offered from both private healthcare organisations and cosmetic surgery companies. The main benefit of private surgery is the speed of surgery, although the levels in care and treatment are likely to be similar on both the NHS and private clinics, Surgery in the private sector can normally be scheduled just days after a consultation. Private surgery also gives the benefit of receiving a consultancy from a surgeon that will be carrying out the operation; as the NHS surgeons work in a team; this is something that cannot always be offered.

The major drawback of private surgery is the cost which can add up to thousands of pounds.

Stomach surgery abroad

The final option of “who should I use for my stomach surgery?” is to travel abroad. This is becoming a more and more common choice for many British people. Surgery in Europe or the Far East can often prove to be half the cost of surgery in the UK. Many clinics abroad can also work outside the restrictions set in the UK which state that a person must have a BMI of over 40 to be considered for surgery.