Should I Seek a 2nd Opinion on Stomach Surgery

Should I Seek a 2nd Opinion on Stomach Surgery

There are many benefits to be had from undergoing stomach surgery to treat obesity and although it is not available to anyone, those that are eligible can find surgery life changing. Surgery is only available in the UK to patient that have a BMI of over 40 or between 35 and 40 with an obesity related illness, also because of the risks involved it is considered a last resort. Undergoing surgery is a big step to take and is a choice that should not be taken lightly; many people ask the question “should I seek a 2nd opinion on stomach surgery?” the answer is yes, you should definitely seek a 2nd and 3rd opinion. Making the choice to go ahead with stomach surgery is not one that can be made alone and will require the help of different people.

Visiting a GP

The first step in “should I seek a 2nd opinion on stomach surgery?” is to first visit your GP regarding your weight problem. Your GP’s knowledge and guidance is invaluable in helping you to decide whether surgery is the best course of action. Whether you are suffering from physical or mental health problems because of your excessive weight, your GP can provide treatment and, if necessary, refer you for surgery.

As surgical treatment is considered a last resort, your GP may first recommend that you try other natural alternative methods of treatment, including diet and exercise plans. Anti-obesity medication may also be tried over a short term basis.

If no other traditional weight loss method has been successful and you are sure that surgery is the only choice, a GP may send you for a referral to a bariatric consultant surgeon

Visiting a consultant surgeon

The next step in “should I seek a 2nd opinion on stomach surgery?” will be to visit a consultant surgeon, either through GP referral or of your own accord.

The consultant will play a big part in helping you decide whether surgery is the best form of treatment and if so, what procedure is best suited to your circumstances. The consultant will be able to explain in depth how surgery is carried out and how successful surgery will affect your lifestyle afterwards.

The consultant will also be a good option for “should I seek a 2nd opinion on stomach surgery” as they will provide an extra viewpoint that differs from that of a GP. Talking to a surgeon is also a chance to have any questions regarding surgery answered and also dispel any fears that you may have.

The surgeon is the person who is the best qualified to recommend the type of surgery suited to your circumstances. There are various different types of weight loss surgical procedure available and the different methods used will depend on weight and related health conditions.

The overall choice of whether or not to undergo surgery will need to be made by you, but a 2nd opinion from GP’s and surgeons will be hugely influential in your choice.