Can I get a Health Plan for Stomach Surgery

Can I get a Health Plan for Stomach Surgery

Stomach surgery is seen as the best way to treat obesity and has led to many people regaining a healthy and happy lifestyle that will have at one time, seemed impossible. Stomach surgery as a way to aid in weight loss is available to anyone in the UK that has a BMI of over 40 (35 with an obesity related illness) and can be carried out on the NHS or privately.

Surgery, when done on the NHS is free of charge; this is of huge benefit to those people that cannot afford the option of private surgery. The reason that many people do choose to opt for private surgery is that NHS treatment is subject to a waiting list. Once you are deemed eligible for surgery through the NHS you will be placed on a waiting list, this can mean a wait of months or in some cases years for an available date for surgery.

Private surgery does away with the need for a waiting list and surgery can often be scheduled within a week of the consultancy. The downside to surgery through a private clinic is the cost; weight loss surgery can easily amount to sums of £15,000. Many people considering the option of private treatment ask the question “can I get a health plan for stomach surgery?” this will chance for all stomach surgery procedures to be covered by a monthly insurance payment.

Health plan benefits

The answer to “can I get a health plan for stomach surgery?” is yes, but it will depend on the insurer. The fact that bariatric surgery works in almost every case means that most health plan insurance firms will be happy to include it in their packages.

A health plan is set up to cover the costs of private medical treatments and for a small monthly payment the policy holder is able to gain reassurance from the fact that whatever condition they are suffering from can be treat quickly and efficiently in most of the hundreds of private clinics and hospitals across the country. A health plan will give access to the best possible facilities and the most experienced surgeons, doctors and nurses.

There may be an alternative answer to “can I get a health plan for stomach surgery?” that means there will be no need for you to purchase a health plan. You may already be covered for stomach surgery if a family member of employer has a health plan, there are plans available that are designed to cover families and employers and organisations, if you fall into one of these categories that may not have to foot the bill for surgery.

Finding a health plan

Now you know that the answer to “can I get a health plan for stomach surgery?” is yes, you will need to find a plan. The best option to find a health plan is to use the internet, there are websites dedicated to finding comparing and finding the best health care plans for your circumstances.