Weight loss Clinic Stomach Surgery

Weight loss Clinic Stomach Surgery

Although choosing to undergo stomach surgery is a big step, there are many benefits to be had. For someone that is classed a morbidly obese surgery can often be the only way to lose weight and prevent many of the related problems that are associated with excessive weight. Obesity is often linked to conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure; it can also increase the risk of cancer and premature death.

Surgery can often mean that a patient loses 60% of excess weight and in some cases 100% of excess weight loss is achievable. Surgery in the UK is available on the NHS and through private weight loss clinics; there is also the option of surgery abroad which is beginning to appeal to many people.

Private weight loss clinic stomach surgery at home and abroad present a good alternative to treatment on the NHS. This is because, although treatment is not free and it can be done without the long waiting time.

Finding a private weight loss clinic

Finding private weight loss clinic stomach surgery can be done quickly and easily by using the internet, this applies to surgery at home and abroad. The internet provides an excellent resource for private hospitals and clinics and most will have a personal website that can provide information on available procedures and what facilities are offered. A lot of the company websites also have the option for online quotation; this is beneficial to finding exactly how much private surgery will cost.

The internet also has websites that are dedicated to finding the best private clinics in Europe and the Far East; these websites can be valuable in searching for a reputable and trustworthy clinic

Some GP’s may suggest private weight loss clinic stomach surgery as an alternative to NHS, when it is thought that waiting lists may be extensive. Many private clinics are able to take patients based on GP referral and can offer a full range of weight loss procedures.

Weight loss clinic consultation

A big part of weight loss clinic stomach surgery is the consultation; this is where you will be able to find out the available procedures and all the information on the benefits and risks of surgery. If you are thinking of going abroad for surgery it may be wise to look for a surgeon that is able to provide consultancies and aftercare appointments in the UK.

During the consultancy the surgeon will be able to discuss, in depth the details of surgery and recommend the best method of weight loss operation for you; it is also a chance for you to have any questions and queries answered.

Weight loss clinic procedures

The procedures that are offered by private weight loss clinics may differ slightly depending on the clinic but most will offer the most commonly used methods of surgery, these include:

  • Intragastric balloon
  • Gastric banding
  • Gastric bypass

Some of the larger clinics may be able to provide duodenal switch and gastric sleeve procedures