The Gastric Sleeve Stomach Surgery

The Gastric Sleeve Stomach Surgery

Being classed as obese can be extremely difficult in both a physical and mental sense. Obesity can cause numerous health problems and is a leading cause of premature death and cancer; there is also the social stigma that comes with being obese which cause many people to suffer from depression and anxiety. Some people are able to tackle obesity through strict dieting combined with a rigorous exercise plan, for others, weight loss is not so easy and surgery could be the only answer.

There are hundreds of hospitals and clinics in the UK, both NHS and private that can provide a range of treatments that can be implemented to help a person lose large amounts of weight. The type of stomach surgery procedure that is offered will depend on the weight and circumstances of the patient and the method can be talked through with a surgeon during a consultancy. One form of treatment that may be offered is known as the gastric sleeve stomach surgery; this can help a patient lose vast amounts of weight over a short time.

How does gastric sleeve stomach surgery work?

The gastric sleeve stomach surgery procedure works by reducing the amount of food a person can consume by making the stomach smaller. After the operation the patient will only need to eat small amounts of food to feel full and will begin to lose weight dramatically.

The reduction of the stomach during the gastric sleeve stomach surgery will be approximately 85% and will have a capacity roughly the size of an egg. The operation is carried out using the laparoscopic technique; this is also sometimes known as keyhole surgery. Using laparoscopic has reduced the length of hospital stay needed by patients and also improved recovery time. Laparoscopic surgery uses a small telescope and camera to view the inside of the abdomen and relay the footage to a video screen so that the surgeon can carry out the procedure, only small incisions of around 1-2 cm are needed to perform this procedure.

The greater curve of the stomach is removed using small instruments that are also placed through the small incisions. Once the greater curve of the stomach is removed the raw part is stapled up, leaving the stomach looking like sleeve.

The whole operation is performed under general anaesthesia and is likely to take around two hours to complete, this is followed by a one or two day stay in hospital and a full recovery can be made in around two weeks.

After gastric sleeve stomach surgery

The gastric sleeve stomach surgery procedure is a permanent one and cannot be reversed like some other weight loss treatments, after the surgery you will need a long term change in diet and exercise to succeed in a healthy lifestyle. The first two weeks after surgery will require the patient consume a liquid only diet, after the two weeks the diet can progress onto semi-solid foods and then after a further six weeks solid foods can be introduced.