The Bariatric Group Stomach Surgery

The Bariatric Group Stomach Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a form of surgical procedure related to the treatment of obesity; the aim of bariatric surgery is to perform an operation which will help a patient to lose weight after all other alternative methods have been tried. Like any other kind of surgery, stomach operations are a major step for someone to take and there is no substitute for the experience and high standards of an expert surgeon to perform the procedure, this is something that The Bariatric Group are able over each and every patient.

The Bariatric Group

The Bariatric Group stomach surgery procedures have been carried out on thousands of patients since the company was formed in 2003. In this time they have built up a team of eight surgeons that are able to perform various bariatric operations in nine different town/cities across the South of England. Only experienced surgeons are employed by the Bariatric Group and the current team have performed over 2000 stomach surgery operations and also run their own individual NHS practices.

Once a person is classed as clinically obese it can be hard to lose weight through any of the natural and traditional methods, some people are prescribed anti-obesity drugs which can have some effect but are dangerous to health when taken over the long term. The only way to gain proven results and enjoy a normal lifestyle once again is to undergo stomach surgery, this is the overall aim of The Bariatric Group and numerous medical literature publications have shown the benefits of surgery.

The Bariatric stomach surgery consultations and operations are currently performed in clinics in the following areas:

  • Bournemouth
  • Bath
  • Bristol
  • Taunton
  • Truro
  • Tunbridge Wells
  • London

Each clinic can provide the care of qualified medical professionals working with modern equipment and in first class facilities.

Surgery performed at The Bariatric Group clinics

The Bariatric Group stomach surgery operations can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the patient and the team of professionals make sure that the procedure chosen is design to achieve maximum weight loss.

The procedures offered are gastric band, gastric bypass and gastric balloon; each can have tremendous weight loss benefits, the operations carried out can be split into two modes of action:

  • Restrictive- this kind of operation causes weight loss by reducing the amount of food that can be held by the stomach, this removes hunger pains and reduces the need to eat. Gastric band and gastric balloon procedures are restrictive types of surgery
  • Malabsorptive- This kind of operation works by causing malabsorption by reducing the amount of food that can be digested by the intestine. Gastric bypass surgery combines restriction and malabsorptive techniques

The Bariatric Group stomach surgery procedures are carried out using Laparoscopic surgery which reduces risks, speeds up recovery and produces less scarring.

Every patient will be given a high level of service that includes pre-operation consultation and full lifetime follow-up aftercare. During the process you will receive the care of experienced surgeons and nurses as-well as expert dieticians.