Landauer Cosmetics Stomach Surgery

Landauer Cosmetics Stomach Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has a big market in the UK and there are hundreds of privately run organisations that offer all aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Thanks to the increased demand for weight loss surgery, many cosmetic clinics and hospitals no provide a range of treatments for people that are clinically obese. Undergoing stomach surgery as a way to lose weight not only has cosmetic benefits in allowing people to feel better about their bodies; it also has excellent health benefits and can prevent other diseases such as diabetes or cancer. Stomach surgery is also proven to prolong the life of someone that is suffering from morbid obesity. One UK Company that can offer weight loss surgery alongside cosmetic surgery is Landauer Cosmetics.

Landauer Cosmetics- the company

Anyone that has previously looked into the possibility of undergoing cosmetic or weight loss surgery may already have heard about Landauer Cosmetics. They are one of the largest and most established organisations in the UK for providing cosmetic and weight loss surgery.

Landauer Cosmetics stomach surgery operations have helped thousands of people achieve substantial weight loss over the years and are renowned for providing a strong ethical practice.

Landauer Cosmetics stomach surgery procedures are carried out in only the highest standard private hospitals and clinics in ten different locations throughout the UK. Landauer Cosmetics works alongside the UK’s top private care providers and provide care in clinics and hospitals from organisations including:

  • Spire Healthcare
  • Nuffield
  • Ramsey Health Care UK
  • Classic

As the leading UK provider of weight loss surgery, Landauer Cosmetics is able to provide each prospective patient with all of the information needed about the company and about the procedures available to each patient.

Weight loss patient selection

Landauer Cosmetics stomach surgery professional take care in selecting patients that will benefit most from the procedure, patients are only selected if surgery is deemed be the best form of action to take in tackling obesity. To undergo surgery the patient must qualify:

  • For gastric bypass surgery, the patient must have a BMI of over 35
  • For gastric lap band surgery the patient must have a BMI of over 30
  • All patients are required to be over the age of 18
  • All patients must have tried all other natural methods of treatment for weight loss without success
  • All patients understands the process of weight loss surgery and the long term lifestyle changes
  • All patients are motivated to undergo surgery and stick to the new lifestyle

Benefits of surgery with Landauer Cosmetics

Undergoing Landauer Cosmetics stomach surgery comes with many benefits and each patient will receive a plan that is tailored to their exact needs. Benefits include:

  • Only fully accredited, expert consultant surgeons are used and each one is a leader in the field of expertise
  • All patients receive comprehensive advice and surgery that is at a fixed price with no hidden costs
  • Patients can receive a weight loss surgery quotation over the phone, quickly and easily
  • The Landauer stomach surgery range of procedures includes of all the latest methods and techniques