Bospa Stomach Surgery

Bospa Stomach Surgery

Surgery of any kind is big step to take; stomach surgery to treat obesity is an especially major operation and can bring great benefits and also numerous risks. There are thousands of hospitals and clinics both private and public that can provide weight loss surgery and each will offer different methods of surgery carried out in different ways; understanding all of the implications regarding surgery can help you to make an informed decision on the best method suited to your needs. There is one company in the UK that was set up to help obese people considering surgery, this company is called BOSPA. Stomach surgery can be made a whole lot easier for people that decide to use the services of BOSPA and all advice and support is provided to anyone in the UK.


BOSPA stands for British Obesity Surgery Patients Association and was set up in 2003 as a charity providing the thousands of stomach surgery patients in the UK with the support and information on what benefits and risks are involved.

BOSPA is a registered national patient charity, that was set up and is ran by previous weight loss surgery patients with the aim of helping current and prospective patients.

All of the support, information and advice is given for a small membership fee and delivered in an unbiased and honest way by BOSPA. Stomach surgery patients can benefit from access to information based on published medical studies, no individual patient experiences are used and anyone using BOSPA can rely on the fact that information given is independent and relevant to UK surgical procedures.

Members of BOSPA can take advantage of the full access to surgery service; the staffs are able to put you in touch with a reputable surgeon in your area whether it is NHS or private. Obesity surgery teams, hospitals, political groups and medical organisations all work closely with BOSPA, stomach surgery services can easily be found and only the highest standard of care is recommended.

Education is a big part of the BOSPA service and learning about stomach surgery can help the patient to achieve the desired results. The education given starts from the setting of goals and benchmarks that can realistically achieved after stomach surgery, members are also taught how to prepare for surgery and what is involved. Learning about nutrition, healthy eating and exercise can help with lifestyle after surgery and maximise the potential weight loss.

Membership to BOSPA

A small personal membership subscription of £20 and an annual professional affiliate membership of £50 is all that is needed to join BOSPA, stomach surgery knowledge that is gained for this small fee makes it excellent value for money. The membership helps towards the running costs of the charity and pays towards the running of the website, telephone lines, postage costs and payment towards travel for the assistance in support group development.

Membership can be beneficial to anyone that has had or is considering surgery, family and friends of patients can also benefit from membership.