Advanced Cosmetics Stomach Surgery

Advanced Cosmetics Stomach Surgery

Obesity is an increasing problem in the UK and there is now a range of weight loss surgical procedures available that can help people enjoy life in a way they previously couldn’t. People that have suffered from morbid obesity have been able to enjoy sports, holidays and playing with their children after successful surgery, and long term, general health is greatly improved. Weight loss surgery is now as common as cosmetic surgery as the two can often be side by side in many private hospitals and clinics. Advanced Cosmetics Surgery is one company that can provide residents in the UK with low cost, affordable cosmetic and weight loss surgery.

Advanced Cosmetics Surgery

Advanced Cosmetics stomach surgery procedures are amongst the highest standard available and the company registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is testament to this. First class specialist surgery is provided by experienced surgeons that are registered with the General Medical Council (CMC) and all staff is able to provide support and advice throughout easy step of the process.

Advanced Cosmetics stomach surgery patients can gain assurance from the fact that the service provide begins from the initial enquiry through to the consultation with a surgeon, operation, aftercare appointments and long after.

The company has various clinics across the UK that can provide a range of different weight loss procedures, each one can be tailored specifically to the need for the individual patient whether it is a man or woman.

Stomach Surgery procedures

The Advanced Cosmetics stomach surgery procedures on offer are amongst the best in the UK for both results and cost, there are several options and each one can have dramatic effects on the amount of weight lost over a short period of time. Different types of stomach surgery will be recommended depending on the weight and health of the patient, a full in depth consultancy can be arranged free of charge in which each procedure can be discussed with an experienced surgeon. As-well as detailing and providing information on the best treatments available, the surgeon will also be able to answer any questions and quires you may have and put an end to any worries.

The gastric bypass is one of the most commonly carried out Advanced Cosmetics stomach surgery procedures and is given to hundreds of people each year. The aim of the gastric bypass is to reduce the size of the stomach and bypass part of the small intestine. The results of this operation are dramatic because of the smaller amounts of food that can be consumed.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is also a popular weight loss treatment and is designed to reduce food consumption by restricting the stomach. The band is placed on the upper part of the stomach and can be adjusted until the optimum restriction has been met.

The intragastric balloon involves no invasive surgery and is favoured by many patients to the clinic. It works by using a balloon to partially fill the stomach so that only smaller meals are needed to feel full.